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ShopRite of New Milford
The New ShopRite of New Milford

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ShopRite of New Milford

Address: 250 River Road, New Milford, NJ 07646

Phone: (201) 262-8834

Store Hours – Everyday:  7 AM to Midnight

Pharmacy Hours / Phone (201) 262 – 8838:
– Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
– Sat 9am-6pm
– Sun 9am-2pm

Note: some driveways are one-way.

Scott’s Review:

The latest flagship ShopRite is located about a mile away from the old New Milford location and bears striking resemblance to the Wyckoff store.

The Food Court

If you are like me and did not pre-plan your trip in advance, grab a circular and some food from many of the the mini restaurants and relax in the food court. You will save money if you take a minute to see what is on sale. People also make less impulse buys when they shop with a full stomach. #smartshopping #savemoney

You enter into a small food court with a cafe, Mediterranean bar (8.49/ lb). Unlike their other new location in Wyckoff, this location has a salad and soup bar! (Also at $8.49/lb). And for the easy grab and go, there are a lot of pre-packaged meals. Their hot grill has breakfast sandwiches as well as burgers, cheesesteaks and chicken hot sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Grab and Go
Grab and Go – Easier than a Meal Kit!

The deli offers standard fare but a nice display with friendly staff. To save you a lot of time, there is a nice section of pre-cut deli selections if you are not too particular with your deli order.

The produce displays the standard produce selections. There is a “certified organic” island that is clearly marked – if that’s your thing.

Also note, for young shoppers, there is a display as you enter the store near the produce section (see above “Free Food” photo) with free healthy fruits for kids to take while you shop. So take some wipes and napkins with you to help keep the little fingers clean.

The bakery is very well appointed with breads, cookies and cakes. You will wonder on how the artfully decorated cakes sport price tags under $10. This will be your go-to place for desserts!

Seafood and Butcher

The seafood department also has a fresh sushi section and while the lobster tank is in the back, there is a nice clam washing shower in the front of the seafood department. Ask the happy butcher about the dry aging process – I learned something new today!

Showering Clams

Remainder of Store

If you are into organic food, note that there is an organic aisle just near the produce section – and there is a refrigerated area there with the organic milks and dairy.

Organic Milks
Organic Milks – Located Far From Other Dairy

The grocer aisles are cavernous – this is not a store you run in and run out of for a few items. What I did find nice was that the refrigerated sections all had doors on the cases which made the section warmer than what you would find in other stores.

Please consider their Wholesome Pantry offerings which claim to be without artificial flavors, colorings, and unnatural preservatives. There are regular Wholesome Pantry and organic Wholesome Pantry options.

The are an abundance of registers with plenty of express lanes and staffed registers. But, if you’d like to check yourself out you’ll find the “self check-out” lanes on the left side of the register bank.

This ShopRite store DOES NOT have an attached liquor store. But never fear! Right around the corner, you will find New Milford Liquors at 401 River Rd and a bit further away you can find Bottle King in Dumont.

Florist: Get some fresh flowers for a friend, yourself or you sweetie at the florist located by the store entrance.

Hacking Shopping

Dieticians Nook: As you enter the store, you will see the Dietitians Nook on your right. This contains a little display conveniently stocked with a recipe card and ingredients to make a healthy meal. I like this idea as it reminds me of those boxed delivery services like Blue Apron. So, stop by and give it a try.

Shop from Home:  Go to the ShopRite website and Shop from Home

Shop from Recipes: On the ShopRite web site you can find the Recipes Section which provides recipes and ingredients where you can add the ingredients right to your shopping cart – Although currently this location does not offer Shop at Home, you will be able to print out your shopping list.

Place your Deli Order ahead of time:  ShopRite New Milford allows you to place your Deli Order ahead of time – If you’re like me, you hate standing in the deli area waiting for your number to be called – what a waste of time. Now improve your efficiency by visiting this site: ShopRite Deli Online

Get on Facebook: There are a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to the whole couponing experience and you can learn a lot from these groups. To find them, search Facebook for “ShopRite” in groups. Then learn how to purchase items for pennies. And, possibly make extra donations to food pantries and shelters in your area.

Save Money at ShopRite!

There are many ways to save money at ShopRite and keep more money in your pocket:

  • Download the ShopRite app (note – take a screenshot of your price plus card screen and save this in a photo album on your phone for quick retrieval)
  • Sign up for ShopRite Digital Coupons and load additional savings onto your card
  • Give your phone to someone and have them earn DownTime Dollars by watching videos. You could do it yourself, but it’s best to delegate this to someone else. 🙂

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