Wolfsons Market – Lincoln Park, NJ

“Come in to see us to believe us!!”

Address: 480 Boonton Turnpike, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Phone: (973) 694-0238

Facebook Page: Wolfson’s Market



Scott’s Review:

Note:  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak – I exclusively use Wolfsons’ curbside pick-up for all my grocery shopping.  I have found that Instacart, Peapod and Shoprite deliveries and pick-ups are no longer available.  My last two orders through Instacart were cancelled after waiting days for completion.  I highly recommend Wolfson’s Market for their service and their quality.  And don’t forget beer, wine and liquor which can help with everyone’s quarantine experience.

Family owned Wolfson’s Market has just about reached landmark status and continues to operate with helpful and happy employees.  Wolfson’s is more than just a convenient store and more of a market.  Unlike the mega-supermarkets that can take you 15 minutes to pick up a gallon of milk, this enclave has everything you need seemingly within an arms reach, at reasonable prices.  Their sign listing sums up what they’re about “Liquor, Wine, Beer, Grocery, Deli, Meats” But they should add catering as well.


The address is listed as 480 Boonton Turnpike – but you can enter from either of the side streets as well.  The parking lot is a little tricky, but the spaces are clearly marked.  Near the door is the locked cage for propane tank swaps.


You enter by passing through a small alcove that might house firewood, charcoal and large 5 gallon water cooler bottles right near the two registers where they sell cigarettes and lottery tickets.  To the right, is the refrigerated dairy case.  The deli counter is in the rear of the store.

Fresh Deli Counter
Fresh Deli Counter


Deli Items
Deli Items


Beer, Wine and Liquor Galore!
Beer, Wine and Liquor Galore!


Wolfsons Hours - But call for holiday hours
Wolfsons Hours – But call for holiday hours

In the rear-left of the store is the liquor section and front-left is a small produce section.  They have many kitchen gadgets above the produce section.

There are a couple of aisles of spices, & dry goods, groceries and they will most likely have what you need.

Wolfsons Sub Menu
Wolfsons Sub Menu
Wolfsons-Catering and Deli Menu
Wolfsons-Catering and Deli Menu

The deli counter has prepared salads, warm pre-made food and is staffed by generally smiley people.  They really pride themselves on their catering and create artistic, flavorful dishes and platters for your party or events.

Please let us know about your experiences with Wolfson’s Market in the comments below and be sure to spread the word!

Wolfsons Checkout
Grab this bread on the way out if you are heading to dinner!

Be sure to grab a warm loaf of the oil or garlic bread near the check-out before leaving!

Payment methods: Debit Cards, EBT, Cash, AMEX, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.

Check back at Food Market for more information.

Amazon Fresh Paramus, NJ

Hours and Info:

Everyday Hours: 7 AM to 10 PM (Seven Days a Week)

Link to Circular: Coupon for Spend $50 a $10 coupon on a future visit. BTW – Check out the Tuesday Rotisserie Chicken Deal too! Sales Circular Link

Phone: 800-250-0668 or Have Amazon Call You

Address: 30 E Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652

Scott’s Review:

Amazon Fresh Paramus, which truly is like no other market, replaced the old Fairway Market, whose byline was, “Like No Other Market.” (evidence). They offer “Just Walk Out Shopping,” which is surreal as it sounds. (don’t worry, they offer regular shopping too).

Step 1 – Choose a Cart:

As you enter the store you can use a smaller orange cart or a standard-sized green grocery cart. Or you can buy a reasonably priced reusable bag. I chose the orange cart as the store (and parking lot) was bustling with first-day shoppers. Once you leave the “cart room” you line up to go through the entry stalls.

Step 2 – Choose Your Shopping Method:

Three Ways to Shop! That’s right, you have to choose the way you’d like to shop.

First Option: Amazon App

To use the Amazon App method, you need to have an Amazon Account with a payment type linked to your account. You need to open the App on your phone and display the diamond QR Code (From the Amazon App home screen select “In-Store Code” to be shown your diamond-shaped QR code).

My dilemma happened after I scanned my diamond QR code on the sensor on the left side of my entry stall, I immediately noticed that I should have chosen the sensor to the right of my entry stall. There are arrows under the sensor pointing to the stall that it is attached to – but my powers of observation, as my wife would say, are lacking, aren’t so keen.

The Not-So-Obvious Entry Stall

The entry stall to my left was occupied as shown in the photo above. I wondered if I will be charged for their shopping trip. I then scanned my phone again over the correct scanner and the stall door magically opened and I entered the produce section.

I know some people who are weary of security cameras, and this store is not for them. Immediately, as you enter the shopping area, you are greeted by 1,043 cameras suspended from the ceiling at the same height peering over your shoulder.

Tons ‘O Cameras

Second Option: Amazon One – Your Palm

For Amazon One – they say the sign-up is less than a minute and you will scan your palm which is recorded into an algorithm (Apparently no two palms are alike – if you have an identical twin, let us know if you can disprove that!). When you scan your palm, there will be a display guiding your palm position to the proper position where it can be read.

You’ll also have to have a mobile phone and a credit card that can be used for the program (Here is a list of Accepted Cards – Most Amex, MasterCard, or Visa Cards are accepted). You can scan one or two of your palms and add them to your account.

Once you have your Amazon One account, you can enter with your palm. Shop while the cameras watch you. And then leave through one of the exit gates.

You take your items with you just like using the Amazon App method but instead of using your “in-store diamond QR code” you can use your palm to exit.

Third Option: Use your credit card to enter and Use your credit card to exit.

Forth Option: Normal Shopping and a Cashier

The final option is normal shopping…. enter through the Yellow Smile Welcome gate on the right, shop as you normally would, and exit through a cashier-run check-out lane. And you even have the option to pay with cash! As well as the other methods: credit or debit card, Amazon One, or the Amazon app (diamond QR Code). They also accept SNAP EBT.

Amazon Fresh Paramus Shopping:

Thankfully, my wife “patiently” joined me on the inaugural shopping trip while I snapped photos. We made a large purchase of a BLT-Turkey sub and a no-spill formula bottle of bleach (77 oz for $4 – I remember when bleach was $0.97 / gallon!).

The store was a fully stocked – narrow-aisle grocery store with many departments located around the side of the story (meat, deli, dairy, sushi, bakery).

Produce Scale? One thing I noticed in the produce section, there isn’t a scale to be found. The employees said that everything is sold by “unit”. This didn’t help me when my wife asked me to pick up 3 lbs. of tomatoes! Luckily they let me weigh them on the deli counter scale.

There are grab-and-go food selections at the Amazon Kitchen including subs, sushi, hot bar, and salad bar. These “bars” use small, medium, and large containers, at 6.99, 9.99, and 12.99 respectively. For savings, every day of the week, the Amazon Kitchen is offering 20% off of one of its offerings.

Amazon Department:

One department that isn’t found in other stores, is the Amazon Customer Service and Return department. There is a table of Amazon products and a “Best of Amazon” section for last minute-gifts that are available for purchase and a few Alexa kiosks set up throughout the store to answer your questions.

To return an Amazon.com purchase, begin the return on your app and then bring the item along with the email to show the customer service representative.

On this first day, I felt that every 6th person was wearing an Amazon shirt and constantly restocking items, such as the $4.97 rotisserie chicken.

As we made our way to the check-out area, I scanned my phone and the gate opened allowing us to leave with our bleach and sandwich. This was an hour ago, I haven’t seen a charge for either my groceries or the other families’ groceries on my credit card or received a receipt.

So it does feel a little like the recent Saturday Night Live sketch:



Saving with Amazon Fresh:

Coupons: Check out the circular for coupons and deals ($20 off of $40 or $10 off of $20)

Pay with the Amazon Credit Card and receive 5% cash back

Prime Members receive 20% off select items

Each day, the deli offers a the special of the day – This was for the week starting 2/14/23:

Amazon Fresh Paramus Kitchen Deals

In Store Dining

In the front of the store, beyond the check-out stalls and cashiers, there is seating for approximately 60 people to enjoy the Amazon Kitchen fare. There is a station there that contains cutlery, napkins, and condiments as well as a microwave. So grab your wrap, sub, sandwich, or frozen entree and enjoy!

Online Shopping with Amazon Fresh Paramus

There is free grocery store pick-up if you order ahead. If you order more than $35 you can get free 1-hour pick-up. Unlike Shop-Rite and Stop and Shop, which also offers this service but for a price.

They also offer delivery if you live near Amazon Fresh Paramus

Thank you!

Be sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts about this unique Amazon store!

Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi – Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Name - Moshi Moshi
Japanese Restaurant Store Front

A Hidden Top Japanese Restaurant in Bergen County

Phone: 201-444-1130

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM


137 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Scott’s Review:

I’ve been visiting this Japanese restaurant for over ten years, mostly for sit-down lunches but lately for their take-out only service. It really is a great place for lunch or dinner. The service is typically fast.

Their lunch specials are very reasonable. You can choose from a selection of their combination lunch boxes (served with soup, salad, edamame, vegetable, and california roll or rice), Sushi and Sashimi lunch specials served with soup, Combination of 2 or 3 rolls (served with soup), or Sansai Udon Set (Soup with salad and california roll).

Be careful in their parking lot because it is tight and there is a lot of traffic especially during the lunchtime rush.

The inside ambiance is nice and relaxing once you sit down. The fact that it’s a BYO restaurant is also easy on the wallet. I’m a big fan of their hot green tea. For a treat, be sure to order their red bean or green tea ice cream!

Moshi Moshi is kid-friendly so be sure to ask their staff for the beginner rubber-band-powered chop-sticks.

They seem to specialize in their avocado based sushi rolls, such as the Saddle River Roll, Mexican Roll and Green River Roll.

So, if you’re out and about in Bergen county, call them up and place an order, most likely it will be ready in 20 minutes or less.

Party Trays!

If you are hosting a small event, be sure to check out their party tray menu.

What is Moshi Moshi?

And what is Moshi Moshi? It is a Japanese telephone greeting that you can read about here: Origins of Moshi Moshi

Also, Moshi is a company that makes ipad, iphone covers and protectors.

My Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Special:

Japanese Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Combo with Miso Soup and a bonus handroll
Japanese Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Combo with Miso Soup and a BONUS handroll 🙂

Their “Sashimi Salad” really shines.

Sashimi Salad
Japanese Sashimi Salad


Menu: Moshi Moshi Lunch and Dinner Menu

Menu: Lunch Specials Menu 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM


Bagel Bros 2 Waldwick NJ

Bagel Bros 2 Storefront

Wake up with a bagel and coffee! Then grab a hot fresh sandwich for lunch!

Hours –

5:30 AM to 3:30 PM Weekends

5:30 AM to 3:00 PM Weekends

Click Here for Menu Photos

Telephone: 201-882-1600 / 201-882-1601

Address: 13 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Large parking lot that is easy to exit and enter.

Payment Methods – Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Click Here for Breakfast or Lunch Delivery by Door Dash:

Bagel Bros 2 Interior

This new “bagel-deli” builds on the experience of it’s older brother, Bagel Brothers Deli in Saddle Brook, NJ. Their bagels are fresh even in the afternoon. And their Green Mountain coffee system is on spec (I enjoy their Breakfast Blend). The coffee is made fresh and will never be served burnt as it is kept in a thermos.

But Bagel Bros 2 is more than bagels for breakfast and lunch.

Grab a breakfast sandwich or breakfast wrap. They have everything for your whole crew.

And, they have an extensive lunch menu featuring cold sandwiches and subs with quality Boars Head deli meats. If you would like a hot sandwich for lunch their menu features 12 to choose from – and don’t forget the fries! If you want comfort food, they have a few grilled cheese sandwiches to order.

Bagel Bros 2 Coffee


“Great bagel store, they make great sandwiches and pancakes too, plenty of parking spots, friendly staff …. very clean.”

Find Them Instagram:

Try something healthier – like their salads!

Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 1
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 2
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 3
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 4
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 5

B&W Bakery – Hackensack NJ

B & W Bakery Sign
“Home of the Heavy Crumb Cake”

Stop in and get a Brown Derby, a Danish, Pecan Meltaway Ring or the famous crumb cake.

Address: 614 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Telephone: (201)342-5577 or (201)342-5383

Parking: Street parking or use the Target parking lot


  • Tuesday – Saturday 6:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: 6:30 AM to 3 PM
  • Monday: Closed

Get the Crumb Cake!

Crumb Cake with Confectioners Sugar
Crumb Cake – Please be patient during the holiday rush

For the real B & W Bakery crumb cake experience, you either have to go to the store to pick it up at the store. Or attend an event where a friend, co-worker or family member surprised everyone with the melt in your mouth crumb cake. They are best eaten with with a glass of either coffee or milk.

It is not uncommon during the holiday seasons to have a line of 100 people waiting to purchase this 9″ x 7″ piece of deliciousness. And of the thousands of people who buy it, 4 of them will say that they made it themselves 🙂

You can order the crumb cake for nationwide delivery on Goldbelly for about $40. But beware, crumb cakes do not tend to travel well. They are about $8 in store and will last about 2+ days if kept in airtight wrapping.

Cookies - Pastries - Cakes

Linzers, Dinner Rolls, Cookies and Danishes are also favorites. There was talk that they changed their crumb cake recipe 2016-2018 but in 2019 it seems like they are back to the old recipe and the fans have returned.

Who are B & W? The original owners, Boehringer & Weimer (B & W), that’s who!

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside The Brown Derby:

Cutaway of a Brown Derby
Banana, Strawberry and Fresh Whipped Cream with fresh chocolate cake and toppings!

Cash Only

Coffee and ATM
No Credit Cards – But there is an ATM Machine inside

Weddings Too!

Wedding Favor Idea – Crumb Cakes!

Wedding Cakes

You Can’t UnSee These!

Have A Nice Day Cookies
Have A Nice Day! Cookies

B & W Bakery Around the Web:

Wedding Cakes: The Knot

Old Instagram: B & W Bakery – Hackensack, NJ

Here is a Crumb Cake Copy-Cat Recipe – But It’s Easier to Pick One Up: