Giant Farmers Market – Waldwick

Giant Farmers Market - Waldwick, NJ
Giant Farmers Market
– Waldwick, NJ

“Once you purchase produce from Giant Farmers Market – Waldwick, It will be difficult to pay grocery store prices again!”

Address: 19 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: (201) 444-9900

(Note:  For the Giant Farmer’s Hackensack Location – Click Here)

Main Store Hours: 

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday:  8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Counter Hours: 

Monday thru Saturday:

Deli/Meats 8 AM to 7:30 PM / Fish 8 AM to 6:30 PM


Deli/Meats 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM / Fish 8 AM to 5:30 PM

Produce Galore at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Produce Galore at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!

Scott’s Review:

Giant Farmers Market Waldwick offers farm fresh produce at reasonable prices in Bergen County.  Outside, there are some overflow produce items, some sale items, and also various plants.  Be sure to ask your cashier to sign up for their WEEKLY SPECIALS list.

UPDATE:  Bring your own shopping bags or purchase sturdy cloth bags for $0.99 each


The parking lot is a little tricky (but not even close to the craziness of Interstate Plaza in Ramsey a  few miles to the north ) with various one-way lanes – and there is an exit near the liquor store where you can drive over the curb to the road if you are not careful.


Once you finished parking in the maze of a parking lot, and stroll past any produce/plants/specials that are outside, you start the store’s maze in the produce section.  There are both organic and non-organic items.

Then, you will saunter past the sushi bar which usually has a free sample waiting for you.  Rumor has it, near closing you might be able to snag these for 50% off.  Recently, I’ve seen sushi prices here around $8.50 for generous portions.

In addition to the sushi offerings, there are deli, bakery (with a coffee bar), deli, meat and seafood counters along the back wall to complete your shopping trip.  A hot buffet food bar with soup selections is available.  Thankfully, the salad bar costs the same per pound as the hot buffet bar, so be sure to grab some protein for your salad.

Giant Farmers Market Waldwick has all of the accouterments that you would expect to find in a supermarket including a refrigerated dairy section and even fresh flower bouquets.  Most grocery items only have one or two brands to choose from but pricing is comparable.

Leaving there, you’ll have enough kale, blueberries, beets, pineapples, carrots, oranges, spinach to keep your Vitamix mixer occupied for a week!  And the fixings for salads to last all week and not pay the $6.99/ $7.99 per pound at a typical supermarket salad bar.

Finally, remember to grab a few cans of beans and corn kernels on the end-caps and look on the shelves below the produce bins for other items like coconut milk and canned items.

And now they have Bags of Ice in a freezer located at the front of the store.

I find myself stopping here a few times a week to grab ingredients for my recipes as it’s convenient and the check-out lines are quick.

They have a catering menu – just ask someone to see it.

They take Debit Cards, EBT, Cash, AMEX, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.

Make sure to keep your receipts for returns.

Check out the Review of the Larger Hackensack Giant Farmers Location.

And to help the environment – try these totes:

Be sure to check back at https://www.foodmarketwaldwick.com for more information.

Hot and Cold Buffet / Salad bar at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Hot and Cold Buffet / Salad bar at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Seafood counter Hot at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Seafood counter
the Hot at Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Meat Department at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Meat Department at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
A huge selection of plants and flowers at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
A huge selection of plants and flowers at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Store Hours at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Store Hours at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!

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Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi – Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Name - Moshi Moshi
Japanese Restaurant Store Front

A Hidden Top Japanese Restaurant in Bergen County

Phone: 201-444-1130

Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM

137 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Scott’s Review:

I’ve been visiting this Japanese restaurant for over ten years, mostly for sit-down lunches but lately for their take-out only service. It really is a great place for lunch or dinner. The service is typically fast.

Their lunch specials are very reasonable. You can choose from a selection of their combination lunch boxes (served with soup, salad, edamame, vegetable, and california roll or rice), Sushi and Sashimi lunch specials served with soup, Combination of 2 or 3 rolls (served with soup), or Sansai Udon Set (Soup with salad and california roll).

Be careful in their parking lot because it is tight and there is a lot of traffic especially during the lunchtime rush.

The inside ambiance is nice and relaxing once you sit down. The fact that it’s a BYO restaurant is also easy on the wallet. I’m a big fan of their hot green tea. For a treat, be sure to order their red bean or green tea ice cream!

Moshi Moshi is kid-friendly so be sure to ask their staff for the beginner rubber-band-powered chop-sticks.

They seem to specialize in their avocado based sushi rolls, such as the Saddle River Roll, Mexican Roll and Green River Roll.

So, if you’re out and about in Bergen county, call them up and place an order, most likely it will be ready in 20 minutes or less.

Party Trays!

If you are hosting a small event, be sure to check out their party tray menus.

What is Moshi Moshi?

And what is Moshi Moshi? It is a Japanese telephone greeting that you can read about here: Origins of Moshi Moshi

Also, Moshi is a company that makes ipad, iphone covers and protectors.

My Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Special:

Japanese Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Combo with Miso Soup and a bonus handroll
Japanese Sushi + Sashimi Lunch Combo with Miso Soup and a BONUS handroll 🙂

Their “Sashimi Salad” really shines.

Sashimi Salad
Japanese Sashimi Salad


Menu: Moshi Moshi Lunch and Dinner Menu

Menu: Lunch Specials Menu 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Bagel Bros 2 Waldwick NJ

Bagel Bros 2 Storefront

Wake up with a bagel and coffee! Then grab a hot fresh sandwich for lunch!

Hours –

5:30 AM to 3:30 PM Weekends

5:30 AM to 3:00 PM Weekends

Click Here for Menu Photos

Telephone: 201-882-1600 / 201-882-1601

Address: 13 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Large parking lot that is easy to exit and enter.

Payment Methods – Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Click Here for Breakfast or Lunch Delivery by Door Dash:

Bagel Bros 2 Interior

This new “bagel-deli” builds on the experience of it’s older brother, Bagel Brothers Deli in Saddle Brook, NJ. Their bagels are fresh even in the afternoon. And their Green Mountain coffee system is on spec (I enjoy their Breakfast Blend). The coffee is made fresh and will never be served burnt as it is kept in a thermos.

But Bagel Bros 2 is more than bagels for breakfast and lunch.

Grab a breakfast sandwich or breakfast wrap. They have everything for your whole crew.

And, they have an extensive lunch menu featuring cold sandwiches and subs with quality Boars Head deli meats. If you would like a hot sandwich for lunch their menu features 12 to choose from – and don’t forget the fries! If you want comfort food, they have a few grilled cheese sandwiches to order.

Bagel Bros 2 Coffee


“Great bagel store, they make great sandwiches and pancakes too, plenty of parking spots, friendly staff …. very clean.”

Find Them Instagram:

Try something healthier – like their salads!

Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 1
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 2
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 3
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 4
Bagel Bros 2 - Menu 5

B&W Bakery – Hackensack NJ

B & W Bakery Sign
“Home of the Heavy Crumb Cake”

Stop in and get a Brown Derby, a Danish, Pecan Meltaway Ring or the famous crumb cake.

Address: 614 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Telephone: (201)342-5577 or (201)342-5383

Parking: Street parking or use the Target parking lot


  • Tuesday – Saturday 6:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: 6:30 AM to 3 PM
  • Monday: Closed

Get the Crumb Cake!

Crumb Cake with Confectioners Sugar
Crumb Cake – Please be patient during the holiday rush

For the real B & W Bakery crumb cake experience, you either have to go to the store to pick it up at the store. Or attend an event where a friend, co-worker or family member surprised everyone with the melt in your mouth crumb cake. They are best eaten with with a glass of either coffee or milk.

It is not uncommon during the holiday seasons to have a line of 100 people waiting to purchase this 9″ x 7″ piece of deliciousness. And of the thousands of people who buy it, 4 of them will say that they made it themselves 🙂

You can order the crumb cake for nationwide delivery on Goldbelly for about $40. But beware, crumb cakes do not tend to travel well. They are about $8 in store and will last about 2+ days if kept in airtight wrapping.

Cookies - Pastries - Cakes

Linzers, Dinner Rolls, Cookies and Danishes are also favorites. There was talk that they changed their crumb cake recipe 2016-2018 but in 2019 it seems like they are back to the old recipe and the fans have returned.

Who are B & W? The original owners, Boehringer & Weimer (B & W), that’s who!

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside The Brown Derby:

Cutaway of a Brown Derby
Banana, Strawberry and Fresh Whipped Cream with fresh chocolate cake and toppings!

Cash Only

Coffee and ATM
No Credit Cards – But there is an ATM Machine inside

Weddings Too!

Wedding Favor Idea – Crumb Cakes!

Wedding Cakes

You Can’t UnSee These!

Have A Nice Day Cookies
Have A Nice Day! Cookies

B & W Bakery Around the Web:

Wedding Cakes: The Knot

Old Instagram: B & W Bakery – Hackensack, NJ

Here is a Crumb Cake Copy-Cat Recipe – But It’s Easier to Pick One Up:

Stew Leonard’s Paramus

Paramus Park Mall
700 Paramus Park
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 649-0888
Open 7 Days
Monday – Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-9pm

Website: Stew Leonard’s Paramus

Stew Leonard’s Wine Store:
Monday – Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday Noon-9pm

Stew Leonard’s Weekly Specials

Shop Stew’s Online:


Stew’s Catering

Stew Leonard’s Gifts

What You Need to Know:

The new Paramus Grocery Store, Stew Leonard’s, is a great place for the family to shop. But it’s not for everyone. The store is laid out in a one-way single winding aisle that as of now, isn’t clearly marked and if you try to navigate the aisle the wrong direction, it will be difficult for you and your oncoming traffic. The main trick is when you enter from the main entrance (not the mall entrance), head towards the bakery section to your right.

This place is great for gearing up for parties and it should be a weekly destination for your food and drink needs. There are many store made dips, cheeses and appetizers that will make hosting a party easy.

Two main things to consider about this store:

  1. Don’t treat Stew’s like a convenience store as, again, the store is laid out in a single path design, although there are cut-throughs scattered about.
  2. Stew’s is not for people that are annoyed by animatronic singing animals and fruit.

Other than that, stop here for your staples, hit up Stew’s before your next party as there are flavorful prepared foods ready for you to heat up, grill or cook. You’ll need to go somewhere else for your cleaning supplies, kitchen items, light bulbs and drug store items. But again, you can grab your food and drink staples here and be sure to check out their weekly specials.


I really appreciate the way that the fresh herbs are displayed. In other grocery stores, the herbs are in small, plastic, containers that are of questionable freshness. At Stew’s, you can grab what you need for your dish.

Fresh Herbs!
148 lbs of Dips!
Fresh Seafood with a Smile

Great For Kids

They say that Stew Leonard’s is the Disneyland of Dairy Stores with the animatronic sounds and the relatively short shopping experience for the kids (10-30 minutes). They have a Magic Barn Door app (Apple App Store / Google Play Store) where you can interact with signs around the store. So, Stew’s is a fun place for kids, even my teenager was taking some Instagram photos there.

ShopRite of New Milford – Information

ShopRite of New Milford
The New ShopRite of New Milford

Your First Stop for Groceries!


Weekly Circular Here!

ShopRite of New Milford

Address: 250 River Road, New Milford, NJ 07646

Phone: (201) 262-8834

Store Hours – Everyday:  7 AM to Midnight

Pharmacy Hours / Phone (201) 262 – 8838:
– Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
– Sat 9am-6pm
– Sun 9am-2pm

Note: some driveways are one-way.

Scott’s Review:

The latest flagship ShopRite is located about a mile away from the old New Milford location and bears striking resemblance to the Wyckoff store.

The Food Court

If you are like me and did not pre-plan your trip in advance, grab a circular and some food from many of the the mini restaurants and relax in the food court. You will save money if you take a minute to see what is on sale. People also make less impulse buys when they shop with a full stomach. #smartshopping #savemoney

You enter into a small food court with a cafe, Mediterranean bar (8.49/ lb). Unlike their other new location in Wyckoff, this location has a salad and soup bar! (Also at $8.49/lb). And for the easy grab and go, there are a lot of pre-packaged meals. Their hot grill has breakfast sandwiches as well as burgers, cheesesteaks and chicken hot sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Grab and Go
Grab and Go – Easier than a Meal Kit!

The deli offers standard fare but a nice display with friendly staff. To save you a lot of time, there is a nice section of pre-cut deli selections if you are not too particular with your deli order.

The produce displays the standard produce selections. There is a “certified organic” island that is clearly marked – if that’s your thing.

Also note, for young shoppers, there is a display as you enter the store near the produce section (see above “Free Food” photo) with free healthy fruits for kids to take while you shop. So take some wipes and napkins with you to help keep the little fingers clean.

The bakery is very well appointed with breads, cookies and cakes. You will wonder on how the artfully decorated cakes sport price tags under $10. This will be your go-to place for desserts!

Seafood and Butcher

The seafood department also has a fresh sushi section and while the lobster tank is in the back, there is a nice clam washing shower in the front of the seafood department. Ask the happy butcher about the dry aging process – I learned something new today!

Showering Clams

Remainder of Store

If you are into organic food, note that there is an organic aisle just near the produce section – and there is a refrigerated area there with the organic milks and dairy.

Organic Milks
Organic Milks – Located Far From Other Dairy

The grocer aisles are cavernous – this is not a store you run in and run out of for a few items. What I did find nice was that the refrigerated sections all had doors on the cases which made the section warmer than what you would find in other stores.

Please consider their Wholesome Pantry offerings which claim to be without artificial flavors, colorings, and unnatural preservatives. There are regular Wholesome Pantry and organic Wholesome Pantry options.

The are an abundance of registers with plenty of express lanes and staffed registers. But, if you’d like to check yourself out you’ll find the “self check-out” lanes on the left side of the register bank.

This ShopRite store DOES NOT have an attached liquor store. But never fear! Right around the corner, you will find New Milford Liquors at 401 River Rd and a bit further away you can find Bottle King in Dumont.

Florist: Get some fresh flowers for a friend, yourself or you sweetie at the florist located by the store entrance.

Hacking Shopping

Dieticians Nook: As you enter the store, you will see the Dietitians Nook on your right. This contains a little display conveniently stocked with a recipe card and ingredients to make a healthy meal. I like this idea as it reminds me of those boxed delivery services like Blue Apron. So, stop by and give it a try.

Shop from Home:  Go to the ShopRite website and Shop from Home

Shop from Recipes: On the ShopRite web site you can find the Recipes Section which provides recipes and ingredients where you can add the ingredients right to your shopping cart – Although currently this location does not offer Shop at Home, you will be able to print out your shopping list.

Place your Deli Order ahead of time:  ShopRite New Milford allows you to place your Deli Order ahead of time – If you’re like me, you hate standing in the deli area waiting for your number to be called – what a waste of time. Now improve your efficiency by visiting this site: ShopRite Deli Online

Get on Facebook: There are a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to the whole couponing experience and you can learn a lot from these groups. To find them, search Facebook for “ShopRite” in groups. Then learn how to purchase items for pennies. And, possibly make extra donations to food pantries and shelters in your area.

Save Money at ShopRite!

There are many ways to save money at ShopRite and keep more money in your pocket:

  • Download the ShopRite app (note – take a screenshot of your price plus card screen and save this in a photo album on your phone for quick retrieval)
  • Sign up for ShopRite Digital Coupons and load additional savings onto your card
  • Give your phone to someone and have them earn DownTime Dollars by watching videos. You could do it yourself, but it’s best to delegate this to someone else. 🙂

Comments and Feedback

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