Giant Farmers Market – Waldwick

Giant Farmers Market - Waldwick, NJ
Giant Farmers Market
– Waldwick, NJ

“Once you purchase produce from Giant Farmers Market – Waldwick, It will be difficult to pay grocery store prices again!”

Address: 19 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ 07463

Phone: (201) 444-9900

(Note:  For the Giant Farmer’s Hackensack Location – Click Here)

Main Store Hours: 

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday:  8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Counter Hours: 

Monday thru Saturday:

Deli/Meats 8 AM to 7:30 PM / Fish 8 AM to 6:30 PM


Deli/Meats 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM / Fish 8 AM to 5:30 PM

Produce Galore at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Produce Galore at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!

Scott’s Review:

Giant Farmers Market Waldwick offers farm fresh produce at reasonable prices in Bergen County.  Outside, there are some overflow produce items, some sale items, and also various plants.  Be sure to ask your cashier to sign up for their WEEKLY SPECIALS list.

UPDATE:  Bring your own shopping bags or purchase sturdy cloth bags for $0.99 each


The parking lot is a little tricky (but not even close to the craziness of Interstate Plaza in Ramsey a  few miles to the north ) with various one-way lanes – and there is an exit near the liquor store where you can drive over the curb to the road if you are not careful.


Once you finished parking in the maze of a parking lot, and stroll past any produce/plants/specials that are outside, you start the store’s maze in the produce section.  There are both organic and non-organic items.

Then, you will saunter past the sushi bar which usually has a free sample waiting for you.  Rumor has it, near closing you might be able to snag these for 50% off.  Recently, I’ve seen sushi prices here around $8.50 for generous portions.

In addition to the sushi offerings, there are deli, bakery (with a coffee bar), deli, meat and seafood counters along the back wall to complete your shopping trip.  A hot buffet food bar with soup selections is available.  Thankfully, the salad bar costs the same per pound as the hot buffet bar, so be sure to grab some protein for your salad.

Giant Farmers Market Waldwick has all of the accouterments that you would expect to find in a supermarket including a refrigerated dairy section and even fresh flower bouquets.  Most grocery items only have one or two brands to choose from but pricing is comparable.

Leaving there, you’ll have enough kale, blueberries, beets, pineapples, carrots, oranges, spinach to keep your Vitamix mixer occupied for a week!  And the fixings for salads to last all week and not pay the $6.99/ $7.99 per pound at a typical supermarket salad bar.

Finally, remember to grab a few cans of beans and corn kernels on the end-caps and look on the shelves below the produce bins for other items like coconut milk and canned items.

And now they have Bags of Ice in a freezer located at the front of the store.

I find myself stopping here a few times a week to grab ingredients for my recipes as it’s convenient and the check-out lines are quick.

They have a catering menu – just ask someone to see it.

They take Debit Cards, EBT, Cash, AMEX, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.

Make sure to keep your receipts for returns.

Check out the Review of the Larger Hackensack Giant Farmers Location.

And to help the environment – try these totes:

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Hot and Cold Buffet / Salad bar at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Hot and Cold Buffet / Salad bar at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Seafood counter Hot at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Seafood counter
the Hot at Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Meat Department at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Meat Department at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
A huge selection of plants and flowers at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
A huge selection of plants and flowers at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Store Hours at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!
Store Hours at the Giant Farmers Market in Waldwick, NJ!

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28 thoughts on “Giant Farmers Market – Waldwick

    1. Scott

      Hi Ruby, There aren’t any coupons at the store – but ask at the register for the slip of paper to fill out your email address to receive the weekly specials email.

  1. Dani K

    I recently moved to Midland Park from Oakland so I have shopped at the Waldwick and Oakland locations. I love the Waldwick location. The sushi counter people are the friendliest! High quality products are always available. The layout is convenient and spacious. Longer store hours would be appreciated as my household gets home after 7:30 every night. I will definitely continue to shop here. Thank you!

  2. Rob

    You said, “The S&S the Giant Market replaced had great cashiers. The one I use in another town has nice cashiers. Maybe you like the Giant Market because they flirt with men?”
    Two things: If the S&S in “another town” has nice cashiers and you already shop there, why don’t you just do all of your shopping there? Second, its rude to assume that I like the GFM because the cashiers supposedly flirt with men. I’m happily married and don’t flirt with other women. I smile, give head nods, say hello, hold open doors for anyone.
    Here’s a little tip… If you’re forced in the future to shop at GFM, maybe try saying with a smile “hi, how are you?” (Hola! Como estas?) in Spanish to your cashier… bet it would go a long way.

  3. Kevin

    OMG – I just visited the new Shoprite in Wyckoff. There is no need to ever visit another store. Don’t need this place. Don’t need Fairway (quality has gone so downhill there & so has the help). Don’t need the Stop & Shop either. Welcome Shoprite!!!!

    1. Maureen Cohn

      I am crazy about some of their salad bar stuff: Baby kale with roasted butternut squash, sprinkled with walnuts, feta , and little dried berries. Wow. Any of their roasted veggies, very nice seasoning. They had these mini finger rolls of mochi rice in seaweed. Wow. Crispy veggie wontons. Artichokes with stem in olive bar. Baked salmon. I love the oxtail stew, too!

  4. Rob

    I was just at S&S this am and used the automated check out line because they only had one line open and it had 2 customers waiting. S&S cashiers are rarely “pleasant and cheerful” but usually not. They are often on their phones texting while you’re checking out. Again, can’t blame them its got to be a mind numbing job. The only “utopian check out lines” are at TJ’s.

    1. Elizabeth

      The S&S the Giant Market replaced had great cashiers. The one I use in another town has nice cashiers. Maybe you like the Giant Market because they flirt with men? That seems to be their M.O. I’m not expecting utopia, I am expecting simple common courtesy. The manager at Giant Market needs to correct that issue or lose patrons.

  5. Rob

    I shop regularly at the Giant Farmers Market, Stop & Shop, Fairway & TJs. TJ’s is the only one with “friendly” cashiers and folks working the isles. Is the shopping experience nicer at TJ’s? Sure, but I don’t shop for friends or small talk, I shop for food. Giant Farmers Market has, BY A MILE, the best prices on produce. It’s not even close. When I shop anywhere else for produce I feel like I’m being ripped off. And while the cashiers at GFM don’t go out of their way to interact I always get a smile out of them. Maybe put yourself in their shoes for a minute…being a cashier has to be one of the most mind numbing job out there and I’m pretty sure its not their only one. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    1. Elizabeth

      To be honest, if I were doing that job I would remember my employer and go out of the way to make sure the customer is happy and will return. This would ensure the store stays opened and I would get to keep my job. If Stop and Shop’s cashiers could be pleasant and cheerful while checking out your groceries, so can this crew. All they need is a word from the top. I’m only going there now for emergencies, I’m fed up being treated so poorly. (and yes, the girls do flirt with men, but if you’re a woman you’re practically treated with contempt. It’s worse than being invisible.) By the way, for me to go out of my way to write a review of the store is saying something. I usually vote with my feet and never go back, not wasting my time on notifying the store. But yesterday was the last straw for me.

  6. Elizabeth

    I’ve been going here for months and I could be as friendly as I could possibly be and the cashiers here still treat me as if I were invisible. They rarely say hello, they never say thank you, they never say good bye, they never say “have a good day”. I’ve never encountered such rude cashiers anywhere. I think ONE was nice. It’s not just me, I’ve watched how they treat others and it’s the exact same thing, you might as well be an insect, you’re that irrelevant. They push the grocery bag at you and turn away. It’s so ignorant. Really puts you off shopping at this store.

    1. Scott

      At the registers in the Waldwick store, ask for the slip of paper to fill out with your name and e-mail address and you will be added to the “Weekly Specials” email list.

  7. Dee

    We are here all the time, at least 3 times a week since they opened. The prices are great for produce, and not bad for grocery items. The butcher has great meat! Over the summer we purchased some awesome high quality steaks. The deli always has decent sales every week and the deli meat is fresh. The prepared food is tasty, too. The bakery has delicious bread and the pastries are delicious if a bit pricey. The cakes and pies are too expensive for me. Cashiers are always friendly.

    Is there an email that goes out with the specials or are they the same as the Oakland store?

    1. Mitchell

      are you off your rocker, I concur with all the above readings, cashiers are ALWAYS speaking with other cashiers, cell phones galore, maybe an attitude adjustment for the female manager. although fruit is fresh – it spoils quickly. Your losing customers day by day. Get a grip on your store Mr. Lee…..

  8. Mike

    1) Cashiers are very friendly. If you don’t think so, check out the Oakland sister store where they are all talking to each other mainly in another language, barely look at you, start ringing up the next person before you are done, and barely ever say thank you.
    2) Fruit is iffy. If you pick carefully, it is very good and a lot cheaper. However, it does not seem to last as long as supermarket fruit in many cases. Maybe the way it is stored (remember, apples are picked once per year for example so they has to be stored perfectly)
    3) Veggies, see #2 – similar
    4) Pre-made decent. Meat, all prime. Deli very good prices without comparing to other sales.
    5) Bakery. You ever try a Zadies Melt-away or Bobka? to DIE for….
    6) Sushi, made fresh, very good, and friendly people.

    This is the short to-the-point version. I should be a supermarket critic. anyone want to hire me?

  9. Gisele

    I find this Market so inconvenient because of their store hours. The Market before used to close at 10pm regular days and 9pm on Sunday.
    This is the only market in our town and it’s so not helpful knowing that they close so early. Specially for people that leave work in the city and don’t get home until 8pm.
    Or for that last minute grocery shopping.
    I called today the store to speak to the owner and I was told that Mr. Lee is not there.
    I live in Waldwick and I shop a lot from this Market. If the store hours are not changing, I will personally give the business to another market which unfortunately will be in another town.

    1. Amy G.

      I agree, the 8am opening is common for a store like this, but the 8pm close is a bit early, 9pm would be much more helpful. Wouldn’t hurt to have people mention this to the manager. Of course we do have 7-11 in town for last minute milk etc. that one might need.

  10. Stella Fellinger

    The store is so easy to navigate, not like the store in Oakland which is cramped. The vegetables are fresh. Going to try the meat Dept, looked good.

  11. Jennifer

    These people need more English speaking people! All the Spanish people do is just stand in a group and talk or talking on there phones and the 2 other people were the only ones that has to work and if they talked this one Spanish speaking lady will yelled at them! People get control of your cashiers! When they are dealing with a customer they don’t need to be having a Conversation with each other! Also to the lady who say you are the store manger needs a big attitude change! You don’t disrespect customers! So to the manger please put someone else in charge! Thanks

    1. Rob

      What does which language the employees speak to each other have to do with the quality of the items for sale or their prices? I’ve been to the store at least a dozen times since being turned onto it and I’ve never ever had anything but a pleasant experience checking out. Can’t say I’ve asked anyone where something is but I guess that’s just me.
      Bottom line… the produce prices are amazing and so is the produce selection. Highly Reccomended.

    2. Elizabeth

      Completely agree that the cashiers are rude. God forbid if you ask them a question! The ones that don’t agree haven’t shopped there long enough.

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