B&W Bakery – Hackensack NJ

B & W Bakery Sign
“Home of the Heavy Crumb Cake”

Stop in and get a Brown Derby, a Danish, Pecan Meltaway Ring or the famous crumb cake.

Address: 614 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Telephone: (201)342-5577 or (201)342-5383

Parking: Street parking or use the Target parking lot


  • Tuesday – Saturday 6:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: 6:30 AM to 3 PM
  • Monday: Closed

Get the Crumb Cake!

Crumb Cake with Confectioners Sugar
Crumb Cake – Please be patient during the holiday rush

For the real B & W Bakery crumb cake experience, you either have to go to the store to pick it up at the store. Or attend an event where a friend, co-worker or family member surprised everyone with the melt in your mouth crumb cake. They are best eaten with with a glass of either coffee or milk.

It is not uncommon during the holiday seasons to have a line of 100 people waiting to purchase this 9″ x 7″ piece of deliciousness. And of the thousands of people who buy it, 4 of them will say that they made it themselves 🙂

You can order the crumb cake for nationwide delivery on Goldbelly for about $40. But beware, crumb cakes do not tend to travel well. They are about $8 in store and will last about 2+ days if kept in airtight wrapping.

Cookies - Pastries - Cakes

Linzers, Dinner Rolls, Cookies and Danishes are also favorites. There was talk that they changed their crumb cake recipe 2016-2018 but in 2019 it seems like they are back to the old recipe and the fans have returned.

Who are B & W? The original owners, Boehringer & Weimer (B & W), that’s who!

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside The Brown Derby:

Cutaway of a Brown Derby
Banana, Strawberry and Fresh Whipped Cream with fresh chocolate cake and toppings!

Cash Only

Coffee and ATM
No Credit Cards – But there is an ATM Machine inside

Weddings Too!

Wedding Favor Idea – Crumb Cakes!

Wedding Cakes

You Can’t UnSee These!

Have A Nice Day Cookies
Have A Nice Day! Cookies

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Here is a Crumb Cake Copy-Cat Recipe – But It’s Easier to Pick One Up: