How to Choose Delicious Nectarines with “Produce Pete”

How to Pick Delicious Nectarines

I’m sure that you woke up this morning wishing that you had some ripe nectarines at home and realized that you don’t.  But before you go out and buy them, watch this short video with “Produce Pete” who tells us how to choose ripe nectarines.  He says the trick is to look at the “yellow part” and that it should be yellow and not green or white.

Look at the yellow part - The yellow part should be yellow
Look At The Yellow Part – The Yellow Part Should Be Yellow

Produce Pete says that yellow nectarines will have the sugar and not be tart/sour.  If they are hard, they will still be sweet if they have the yellow on them.

I recommend picking a medium to large nectarine as the huge ones are typically mealy and the small ones were likely picked too soon.

How to Store Them.

Produce Pete also said to keep nectarines and other “stone fruit” out of the refrigerator -store them at room temperature. He goes on to talk about the strange gas called Ethylene and the ripening technique talked about in my other post: Smart Farmers Market Tips

If you must store them in the refrigerator, store them in the low humidity crisper  (Rot-low, Wilt-high).

Go out and use your new knowledge to grab some delicious nectarines today!

Here is a link to the main video: Main Video

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